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Inna - a new musical star of the world scale. It appeared not so long ago - in late 2008, but has already managed to gain recognition of fans of quality electronic music and strong vocals. Already biography of the singer is rich and fascinating.

The first track "Hot" Inna recorded with three talented team members, Play&Win - Bolfi Radu (Radu Bolfea), Barak Sebastian (Sebastian Barac), Marcel Botezan (Marcel Botezan).

According to the Nielsen Media Research Center , the composition "Hot" became one of the most often transmitted by radio and television music. Although the real hit song "Hot" turned club culture of Romania, as already before the first airing of the video was over 10,000 hits on YouTube channel for just a few weeks. There are two versions of the video "Hot", taken in two entirely different scenarios. Video clips and song singer Inna for many months, hold a leading position in the charts in many European countries: USA, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovakia, Greece, Belgium, the Netherlands - and the list is constantly growing. You can now confidently say that the singer Inna - a celebrity with a worldwide reputation.

The second Inna's song in order, but by far not the least was the song "Love". This song is surely among the ten best tracks on the version of the Nielsen Media Research Center.

"Love" - is the second song, released in conjunction with the group Play& Win, and as quickly as "Hot", climbed to first position in the ratings charts for all European countries. Since the song "Love" is very popular, it was shot clip. Finally, the global music industry, there was really feminine and sexy singer.

The first album by Inna, "Hot", already released in Poland, Russia and Turkey. At least the U.S., Germany and of course, Romania.

Each Inna's song - a real hit: "Amazing", «Fever», "On & On", "Deja Vu". On many tracks have already exist video clips, which you can download in the"Video clips", and lyrics in the "Inna's songs text" of our website.

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